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GLPS is an engineering consultancy that designs high-capacity AC & DC smelting

furnaces & plants for ferrous & non-ferrous alloys, PGM's, heavy minerals and slag cleaning.

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Slag Cleaning Furnace No.1 (SCF 1)

Waterval Smelter Plant, Rustenburg, South Africa







Redesign SCF 1 to achieve Furnace Rated Power

Maximise WACS throughput based on available transformer capacity, while protecting furnace integrity

Maximise recoveries of base & precious metals.

Improve furnace operations, safety & layout.

Crucible Redesign - inclusive of the furnace bottom, sidewalls, refractories & roof.

Feed system redesign:  Inclusion of a concentrate injection system.

Replacement and upgrade of gas cleaning plant to meet off gas legislative parameters.


Anglo American Platinum





Furnace redesign to maximise power input to furnace to increase quantity of the Waterval Converted Slag (WACS) from the Anglo Platinum Converting Process (ACP) which can be treated without compromising furnace integrity.


01.  Slag Cleaning Furnace (SCF)

      -  SCF Crucible Upgrade

      - SCF Ancillaries

      - Off Gas Upgrade

      - SCF Buildings Upgrade

      - Electrical Substation & Reticulation

      - Fire Protection

02.  Slag Granulation Thickeners

     - Demolition Work

      - Slag Granulation Water System

Current Project
GLPS Technology
GLPS builds Anglo American Platinum - Unki PGM Smelter

The GLPS project management team is renowned for our extensive knowledge and experience in the Ferro Alloy and mining-related industries.

We manage projects from conception to sanction, through design, construction, commissioning and handover for operation.


Our project managers have an excellent track record of the successful completion and handover of projects within budget (up to R 1.3bn  contract value), within schedule and while meeting the set performance targets.

01 Project Management
02 Design Engineering
GLPS builds 60MW DC Furnace for Samancor

The GLPS design team confidently possesses the design skills across the spectrum of engineering disciplines and these have been enhanced through the collective experience gained within the production and maintenance environments from various industrial and mining sectors.


The specialist design capability of the team is enhanced through an active continual professional development focus so as to keep abreast with advancement in technology, ideas and best practice.

Our drafting services serve the in-house engineering design team but can also be utilized as a stand-alone service.

03 Process Engineering

Our process engineers are skilled in the analysis and modeling of data, which ultimately provides the basis of a new plant design. The subsequent compilation of the design base and process parameters forms the basis required for accurate detailed process design.


GLPS has been involved in a number of projects where a process has been developed from conception, to pilot scale plants and finally to the construction of a complete production facility.

GLPS have long established a culture of making use of industry leading, state of the art engineering design tools across all our engineering disciplines. To remain competitive and to ensure our clients receive high quality solutions in which they can place a high level of confidence, GLPS have invested heavily into purchasing the following computer aided design and analysis software and training our engineers and technical staff to effectively use these tools: 

SOLIDWORKS - 3D parametric modeling
INVENTOR - 3D parametric modeling
AUTOCAD - 2D drafting

Suite of fully integrated Electrical Engineering software solutions including load flow, short circuit, transient stability, relay coordination, harmonic analysis, optimal power flow, and more.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling
Finite element analysis (FEA) modeling

BULK FLOW - Material particle flow analysis for bulk materials handling system design
PROKON - Structural engineering analysis according so SABS structural design codes
FLOWMASTER - Pipe flow modeling
SOLIDWORKS PDM ENTERPRISE - Document management solution

As part of the engineering life cycle management process, our engineering design data and documentation is effectively managed through an industry leading project document management solution. This solution ensures a robust document management vault system, accessed through customizable security layers. This management system provides us with a detailed and highly transparent audit trail of all design data & documentation throughout the project life cycle.

GLPS builds 35MW DC furnace for Exarro Sands
04 Modeling & Simulation

GLPS is a registered energy services company and are active in partnering with mining and industry, representative of the large consumer group, in reducing energy cost.  As a company we remain well-informed on latest technology developments in as far as energy efficiency is concerned, and are called upon regularly to serve in an advisory capacity to industry & the public sector. 


The constrained and pressured South African energy supply climate calls for a company with dynamic approach, and ability to identify power cost reducing opportunity, as a means to extracting optimum value from cost of energy for our clients.  GLPS have a worthy track record of doing justice to that role in the South African market.

05 Energy Services
GLPS presents feasibility study for Ruuki 70MW DC smelter complex

Due to the nature and order of magnitude of the investments required into the projects that GLPS are involved with, the pre-curser to such investments is a full assessment into the economic viability of the proposed project.  GLPS are routinely involved, and widely recognized within industry, as capable of completing the range of feasibility studies from pre-feasibility to bankable phase, required for securing of financing.  Of the 3 primary focus points of any feasibility:

  • Market

  • Technical and organizational requirements

  • Financial overview

GLPS expertise exist in the technical and financial overview components and incorporate market studies usually performed by 3rd parties on behalf of the client.

06 Feasibility Studies
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