GLPS-Robotic Welder System.jpg

Robotic Welder system for Söderberg electrode casings

Single Robotic Welder System (RWS) per 3-electrode furnace.

Pat. No. 2020/05200

Process for melting agglomerated ore

External Melter with launder into brush-arc Smelter.

Pat. No. 500303972 (Netherlands)

GLPS-Hydrogen Atom.jpg

Reduction of Mn-ore to MnO with H2 as reductant

Reduction prior to leaching for Mn-metal industry.

Pat. No. 2020/02466

GLPS-DC Arc Furnace.jpg

DC Brush-arc furnace with Magnetic Arc Compensation

Two Soderberg electrodes (Anode, cathode) for smelting of ores or melting of pre-reduced ores.

Pat. No. 2019/07850

GLPS-Furnace Secondary Bus-tube.jpg

Furnace Secondary bus-tube Short circuit protection

System for furnace bus-tube protection

Pat. No. 2015/07921

GLPS-Material Feed System System.jpg

Material Feed system for DC-arc Furnace

Feed system for improved thermal efficiency

Pat. No. 2014/02807

GLPS-HV Secondary Power Factor.jpg

High-voltage secondary Power Factor Correction for Arc Furnaces

High-voltage PFC to increase furnace power supply capacity

Pat. No. 2011/02396

GLPS-Brush Arc Furnace for FeCr.jpg

Brush-arc Furnace for FeCr Production

Conversion of sub-arc to brush-arc furnace

Pat. No. 2012/04751

GLPS-DC-Arc Tap Hole Stinger.jpg

DC-Arc Tap-hole Stinger system

System for opening of furnace tap-holes

Pat. No. 2010/06055

GLPS-Dynamic VAR.jpg

Dynamic VAR Compensation for AC Furnaces

System for increasing furnace power supply capacity

Pat. No. 2011/02398

Magnetic Arc Compensation for DC furnaces

System for preventing arc-deflection in DC furnaces

Pat. No. 2008/03842